Modern Kitchens

Modern Kitchen Design

Minimalism & Utility

A major factor that characterizes a modern kitchen is minimalism and overall utility. Modern kitchen renovations aim to maximize space and reduce clutter by relying on multi-functional cabinetry that’s aesthetically pleasing yet purposeful.

In terms of aesthetics, unlike traditional kitchen designs the contemporary kitchen lacks ornamentation. Instead linear shapes are used along with frameless cabinets, flat panel doors and multi-utilitarian furniture that highlight innovation and simplicity.

Many contemporary kitchens will also incorporate discrete wall and cabinet installations that offer added storage space for pantries and cooking supplies. These fixtures are particularly effective in open-concept homes where the kitchen is connected to a living room. As well, strategic positioning of an island or center table will faciliate an added dining area that’s perfect for hosting social gatherings.

Recessed lighting will set the ambience as fluorescent bulbs are strategically positioned and focused in key areas. Furthermore a natural texture of mixed materials along with a cool, yet glamorous finish will offer an elegantly clean look.

The modern kitchen places great emphasis on linear patterns and minimalism. Our wide range of materials layouts can be retrofitted and applied to nearly any modern kitchen design. Contact us today to explore how we can upgrade your kitchen with a refreshingly modern and innovative design.

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